How to enroll at Unasp — step by step

  • 1. Tax Payment

    After the enrollment for the vestibular at Unasp it is required that you pay for it. The payment must be made in Brazil until the due date via Boleto Bancário at the bank or online. If the Boleto Bancário is overdue you can access the website for second copy of it. Access Processo Seletivo web page, insert your register data and print the new Boleto Bancário.

  • 2. Exam (in your country)

    Ask some Adventist School Principal, or Pastor, or Education Department Director or Treasurer in your country to apply the exam that must happen in the same day and time of the Brazil (even with different time zone). Contact us by this email: [email protected]

  • 3. Elrollment (campus)

    To enroll, go to a campus where the chosen course is located and have in hand your personal documents, RNE, studies equivalency, academic transcripts from elementary school and secondary school with seal imprint of Brazilian Consulate or Embassy. To get your RNE, email to Polícia Federal at [email protected] or call (+55) (11) 3535-5345.

  • 4. Student Visa

    You have to request a student declaration form to course office. Submit this form to the Brazilian Consulate and request the Student Visa. The Visa is granted for one year. If the duration of your course is superior to one year, you must renew the Student Visa until one month before the deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)